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5 Tooth Fairy Ideas for Parents

Losing teeth is an exciting time in any young child’s life. Not only does this mean they are growing up, but it also means they are due for a visit from the Tooth Fairy! There are so many creative things that go beyond just putting money under a pillow that can create wonderful memories that will last your child a lifetime. Keep reading for some ways from Dr. Brandon Zipper at Zipper Orthodontics to make your child’s visit from the Tooth Fairy a lot more exciting!

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Some Simple Tips for Better Flossing

While brushing your teeth is essential for maintaining good oral health, flossing (while more commonly forgotten about) is just as important! Flossing helps to prevent gum disease, cavities, and bad breath. Most people skip flossing because it can seem tricky or time consuming. However, flossing isn’t hard at all if you know what to do. After all, floss can reach places in your mouth a toothbrush can’t. Below are 3 secrets from Dr. Brandon Zipper at Zipper Orthodonticsto make flossing simpler.Read More

Essential Daily Care Practices for Your Teeth

Maintaining your health and wellness is a crucial part of living a long and enjoyable life. This includes taking good care of your teeth on a daily basis. While you should visit your dentist at least twice a year for a regular checkup and cleaning, they alone cannot account for your teeth health. Thus, the rest of the year it is up to you to take the best care of your teeth possible! Keep reading for some advice from Dr. Brandon Zipper at Zipper Orthodontics on how to keep your pearly whites shining bright!

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A Smile a Day

A smile a day does a lot more than just make you appear happy, it can actually have positive benefits for your overall health! Your dentist and orthodontist are hard at work helping you create and maintain teeth that will keep you smiling for a lifetime. While smiling can seem very superficial initially, a beautiful smile can actually have a positive impact on your overall well-being in addition to making you feel great. There has actually been a proven link between the act of smiling and feeling happy! Continue on for some advice from Dr. Brandon Zipper at Zipper Orthodontics about why smiling is important.

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The Advantages of Digital Impressions in Orthodontics

In the field of orthodontics, technological advances have brought about significant changes in the way impressions of patients’ teeth are taken. Specifically, the introduction of digital impressions has been a game-changer, providing accuracy and comfort compared to traditional putty impressions. If you’re curious about how these innovations have transformed orthodontic treatment, Dr. Brandon Zipper at Zipper Orthodontics is an excellent resource. 


What is the Difference Between Traditional and Digital Impressions?

The most obvious difference between traditional and digital impressions is that traditional impressions involve putting a chemical-tasting goop into the patient’s mouth and holding it there for minutes on end, often resulting in discomfort and even gagging. In contrast, digital impressions are completely computerized, making the process faster, more efficient, and much more comfortable.

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