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A smile a day does a lot more than just make you appear happy, it can actually have positive benefits for your overall health! Your dentist and orthodontist are hard at work helping you create and maintain teeth that will keep you smiling for a lifetime. While smiling can seem very superficial initially, a beautiful smile can actually have a positive impact on your overall well-being in addition to making you feel great. There has actually been a proven link between the act of smiling and feeling happy! Continue on for some advice from Dr. Brandon Zipper at Zipper Orthodontics about why smiling is important.


  • Smiles can use anywhere from 5 to 53 muscles in your face.
  • Smiles can be contagious! People actually have trouble frowning when looking at others who are smiling and find themselves subconsciously beginning to smile as well.
  • Smiling can actually boost your immune system and your physical health as well, allowing you to live up to seven years longer!
  • It takes less effort to smile than it does to frown! It takes around 50 muscles to make a frown, but only about 13 to produce a smile.
  • A smile is the most recognized facial expression.

There are several reasons to smile each day, make sure you’re finding them! If you are not confident in your smile, consider talking to your orthodontist to see how they can help you achieve your most radiant smile! Contact our office with any questions you may have about your smile or treatment options, we are here to help.

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